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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we will have an up date on the cancellations. good morning, carolina, welcome on monday february 15, 6:00 now and 24 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. we are in first alert mode with crews from the triangle to the sand hills and roxboro. john: some schools closed or late because of this weather. wake county, durham public, chapel hill carrboro closeded barbara: also orange chatham. edgecombe. franklin, tkwrapb develop. mecklinburg, person, vance and warren. john: two lower delay for clinton city, halifax, harnett, hoke, johnston, lee, moore, robinson, wayne and wilson county schools the we have a complete list on on the home page. now weather and traffic together starting with meteorologist don schwenneker.
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extended. live look at them and that winter storm warning and pink areas to the north goes until 9:00 tomorrow. went weather advisory with wake county running into 7:00 tonight and there's a second winter weather advisory for the southern counties. this is until 1:00 this afternoon when should see enough rain to change over. live look at radar and we are on the developing edge of this. back to the saoufrptd west not -- south and west not much going on. looking into clinton and sampson county, spivey's corner to anderson creek and tpaufrlt spotty shower activity. it is mixed with sleet and freezing rain. from wake county to durham mainly sleet, although a few snowflakes and rain. chatham county. to the north it is mainly a snow event from townsville and garage srl county into -- grandville
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right now 24 and cloudy skies with that wintry precipitation. by lunchtime 29 degrees and wintry mix continuing although in the sand hills you will be before traezfreezing. late day everybody should see rain working in and temperatures in the upper 30's but it will take a while to melt some of the ice in the northern counties. that is why the warnings are extended. we will talk more about that and the warm-up in the seven-day but now we have weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: very busy on this monday morning. we have icy conditions and roads shut down. if you don't have to go out please don't because there is what we are dealing with. it is really a sheet of ice on 440. this is wade avenue. that is westbound and it is shut down over that area there, the overpass. there's an accident and it is' icy and slick. as we pull the camera back we
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leading up to that scene and emergency crews are working to deice that area. you really need to stay in if you can today until this switches over to rain later on. it is dark so it is hard to see that it is really slick and can be deceiving. meantime, we can show you another shutdown, this is toll road and n.c. 540 where it is shut down due to icy conditions. the toll road closing down this morning if we can switch to show you it looks like they zoomed in the camera but there's another accident in there area of the toll road and n.c. 540 and n.c. 55. they are standing around there because police are reporting they are closing that down due to icy conditions. here is where the line is. you can see snow, that is where it is white, then the ice is pink and it is the entire viewing area affected by this. we have numerous accidents. we can't get through all of them.
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401 louisburg at foxborough an accident. u.s. 64 and 264 at exit 429 knightdale boulevard and 70 at 40 from johnston county another accident in that area. check specific road conditions by dialing 511. that is the n.c. dot to pinpoint a road. heed the warnings, it is very icy and tricky. barbara: thanks have severely changed on the roads sense maybe an hour ago. gloria rodriguez is live in breaking news one on roads. the roads in raleigh getting more slippery as amber saying with the pavement so cold. whatever falls is sticking and that is ice. gloria rodriguez live leading our team coverage in break brack. where are you? gloria: i'm in knightdale and we are on 64 business and we just crossed over the neuse river and we have been hearing about
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between this area and 440 so we are heading there because there are at least four active accidents there. 495 is shut down at the neuse river bridge so if you are driving in this area that is something to keep in mind. we have been hearing about accidents throughout the area so obviously some dangerous driving conditions right now. we have encountered freezing rain and sleet and we had to pull over a while ago to get some freezing rain off the windshield wipers. so, if are driving this morning make sure you drive extra slow and give yourself plenty of time go. if you are able to work at home today, that is probably a good idea because we are seeing numerous accidents. we will continue to monitor the roads for you and we are heading to some accidents on 495 and we will bring you the latest as soon as we know new information.
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barbara: thank. a winter mix in orange county and anthony wilson tracking conditions there. what are you seeing? anthony: right now we have a person in front of us who is doing the right thing, going slowly. the black surface here seems to be wet but because we have 23 degrees it could be slippery. so this person is taking his or her time. on the way down here heading toward carrboro now on greensboro road when we were on 86 a two-lane portion where it is not well lit you couldn't see the double line in the middle and at one point in appeared like someone was crossing the line heading in our direction. that is one example of why aware telling you avoid driving if you are an in an area where the road is covered with some snow. you don't want to go out and fool around. we saw over nightnight an accident back in durham on dearborn
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we believe it was caused by slippery surfaces so a vivid reminder of why you should probably wait at least until the sun comes up to see what is going on. back here live in breaking news one, that driver hitting the breaks hitting hills or her time -- his or her team as they approach the crossing. we will keep an eye on things. this is one of the counties where there's a winter storm watch, don said. we want to show what you it is like and why there's no school in orange county today. we are live on greensboro road in carrboro. john: in fayetteville pretty quiet right now. here is a look showing you a little of the traffic. but the roads are wet. the good news there the weather is not affecting students because schools are already closed for presidents day. we will go live to nick call carr in downtown fayetteville. what is it doing there, nicole?
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rained in spurts this morning since we have been in to work and you can see that by some of the glistening roads. we haven't will any issues, just cold and normal winter day. our weather app this morning and last fight were showing snow between the hours of 8:00 and about 11:00 and then that disappeared about an hour ago. so it is looking good. the most we are looking forward to today is rain and later on in the morning and maryland day and kids -- midday and kids out for presidents day so we won't see any school effect. back to you from a clear and dry wonderful cumberland county this morning. barbara: all right, nicole. thank you. john: snow covering the ground in roxboro. last night. there is a live look at the conditions from our news vehicle breaking news one and you see that the snow is covering the roads a little bit. looks like maybe a little rain
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it is presidents day, closed schools in person county. john: here is a live look at terminal two at r.d.u. international airport. if you have a flight this morning from the airport you may want to call ahead. last check more than two dozen flights were canceled mostly them in the northeast or midwest areas that have been lit by extreme winter -- hit by extreme winter weather. an 11-year-old triangle child is recovering from a gunshot wound. barbara: where she is and what we know about the incident. john: potentially new scam for he will lot spitzer. a woman's claims about him. we continue to be in first alert mode. this is the beltline at wade. shut down westbound because of slick conditions. barbara: as you head out we have snow flying in the northern counties and we check on the first alert doppler network and
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the virginia border and into
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barbara: we are in first alert weather. we are seeing a wintry mix now but accidents are piling up. don: a lot of folks are not used to the wintry precipitation and it is icing up in spots. we will look at warnings. winter weather advisory through 7:00 tonight. storm warning to the north and advisory down south. we saw nicole carr with not much going on in cumberland county. because that is on the leading edge of the precipitation. back to the south and west southern pines and hoke and moore not much happening but as the moisture runs into the cold air it starts to fire up. nicole carr were over in mount olive she would see more and in goldsboro that is frozen. mixed bag in wake county and as you go to the north it is all snow. temperatures across the area, 21 south hill. 23 roxboro, even 24 at r.d.u.
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is warmer and that is why we're seeing frozen precipitation and freezing rain and sleet because it is liquid about of the surface. 27 sanford, 28 southern pines. favorite down another degree to 28. 28 in clinton. looking at the day ahead right now wintry mix and 24. by lunchtime 29 degrees. wintry mix continuing although in the sand hills it should be all rain. through the late day we will have the rain around. 34 degrees. temperatures gradually khiaming today and today is the coldest of the next seven. 20 degrees warmer tomorrow and by the wind we see 60's returning. we will talk about that in the seven-day but now away talk about the roads with amber rupinta. amber: what a mess on the roads,en don. we will tell you stay off them if you can. ice is really no joke. we are seeing icy conditions all around the area. look at this, trying to pull these cars out. there was a multi-vehicle
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avenue due to icy conditions. they have shut this down. they are trying to deice it and pull the cars out of the way. big delay there, 440 and wade avenue. 495 by the way is also a very big mess as well. 495 shut down at the neuse river bridge due to numerous accidents. we look live. this is 440 at 495 and you can see that overpass, the bridges and overpasses are the areas that freeze first and they are where we are seeing the biggest trouble spots. it is a little deceiving because you may think it is just raining but it is freezing rain and freezing on contact in many areas because the temperature was so low overnight and on the bridges and overpasses. i want to take you to the mapping system and you can get the idea of what is going on. where you see white, that is where it is mixed with snow. all the pink is the ice that we are dealing with on the road
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you see all the accidents that are piling up and very busy morning for emergency crews. they need to be able to respond to accidents so the low amount of volume we can keep on the roads is easier for them to get to folks and provide assistance. louisburg road 401 and fox another one and u.s. 64 and 264 at u.s. 64 business knightdale boulevard. stay off the roads if you can. it is an icy mess. john: we will check back with you. 11-year-old child shot in eastern wake county is waking up at wakemed. we are working to find out how badly the child feels hurt. that was at a home on coal clemson terror drive in knightdale off hodge roads. we are reaching out to the shiver and hoping to learn more about this later today. 6:16. not a good valentine's weekends for eliot spitzer.
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the william who cla barbara: troubling claims against eliot spitzer a 25-year-old woman says he choked her at the plaza hotel in his hotel room where they went after spending time at the bar. a law enforcement official says that the two were romantically involved and the fight started when she tried to break,with him. he resigned from office in 2008 over a prostitution scandal. john: we will show you another d.o.t. camera, this is 440 and lassiter mill road. we see that's pretty much shut down. the roads are getting very slick out there. we don't have a lot falling but what has fallen has frozen in spots and caused dozens of accidents. we will get an update on the
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don: four wheel drive doesn't mean four wheel stop. people think they can go but it doesn't help you on icy spots. we will show you the icy spots throughout the morning. in the north it can last overnight. we have a winter storm warning through 7:00 tomorrow morning for roxboro, person county, orange county and alamance county all under that winter storm warning. we have winter weather advisory through 7:00 p.m. tonight. i don't think we will see wintry weather through 7:00 it will take a while for rain to melt some ice that builds up. to the south we have a winter weather advisory through 1:00 including raeford, fayetteville. clinton. they are under the winter weather advisory through 1:00 in afternoon. live look at radar and as we go south you will notice we are just not seeing a ton of precipitation in the western part of the southern areas. but from plink gogh to clinton
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indians springs heavier pockets of freezing rain. wake county, southern wake county not much but durham you are seeing freezing rain or sleet mix with the snowflakes. north of the dark blue areas are where we see heavier batches of snow from norlina to williamsboro and granville and vance counties shifting north toward south hill, virginia. raleigh under a wet lens 24 right now and dew point 18. that is 77% humidity. northeast wind eight miles an hour. everybody in the 20's this morning from 28 to fayetteville and clinton to 23 roxboro. 22 oxford, 25 wilson, 23 louisburg, 24 siler city. satellite and radar composite shows the southern and western areas with not much going on. we are seeing the moisture stream up. the system was paofrgmoving west and now it is tapping into moisture and that is what is happening as
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our model has done a nice job with this. by 8:00 this morning you will notice mixed precipitation possible to person county. anywhere in the pink you could see sleet and snow and freezing rain or rain. a little bit of everything. as we go through the day green starts to take over. just spotty showers by 2:00 this afternoon but there is mainly a rain event as we see more warm air at the surface. it is warm in the upper part of the atmospheres but at the surface we have to warm up. how much will we see? one to three inches possible in roxboro and person county and northern counties, less than an inch in wake county and wintry mix and freezing rain to all rain into the southern counties. for the rest of today in raleigh expect wintry mix this morning under cloudy skies. by lunchtime still below freezing at the surface but before freezing just before the surface so that will make it rain. rain it afternoon and winds will pick up this afternoon. tonight across the region
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actually stead of dropping they will go into the 40's. we will go up to 42 raleigh, 41 durham. 44 fayetteville. so anything frozen switches to wet as we see the rain work through in the overnight hours and warmer temperatures. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow terms back into the upper 50's, 20 degrees warmer tomorrow. rain likely in the morning, could be heavy. tomorrow morning's commute docould be a mess with rain. wednesday, thursday, friday's in the 50's and 60's by the weekend. today is the coldest of the next seven. john: dozens of accidents. amber: dozens of accidents. no one can drive on ice. we are just seeing roads closed and icy conditions this morning. it is a little deceiving as folks are waking one and seeing rain. it is freezing rain hitting the surface and freezing. it is like a skating arriving.
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that is an icy area. a lot of folks pulling off to the side and flashing hazards both directions due to icy conditions on 440 and lassiter mill. 495 as just been a mess all morning. this is 495 right at 440. they keep switching the camera around it see what is going on because there are so many accidents reported on 495. around 440 on the overpass they have that closed off. it is shuts down at neuse river bridge due it numerous accidents and icy conditions. 440 at u.s. 1 there's another accident coming in and icy conditions here. this is 44 at u.s. 1 and you -- 440 and u.s. 1. this sis hitting and turning to ice on contact. the emergency crews are asking everybody to stay off roads. they needs to responds to accidents and it is pretty dangerous.
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line, that is the snow where it is ice. you see siler city, raleigh, sanford, southern pines, fayetteville, greenville. wilson all dealing with some of the icy conditions. a lot of accidents. another one here 40 westbound
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we have tbg news. >> major apple retailers have cut prices for the apple watch. the that usually means a new version is coming out but they don't think so but they may have a new iphone model. the app could turn your phone into an earthquake warning device. right now an app collects information and sends it back to the lab. once the bugs are out it could warn you of impent pentpending quake. lots of office workers use a treadmill desk. the company behind many of them say treadmill meetings are the future. they will be on sale later this year. price tag $8,000 to $9,000. >> those are your "tech bytes".." barbara: it is 6:28 and 24
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barbara: "eyewitness news" and first alert mode a winter storm bringing a little bit of
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rain. a lot of ice on into the guard rails and bridges and flyovers sheets of ice. barbara: welcome on february 15. john: we will check in with meteorologist don schwenneker but first we bring you up to date on closings and delays. wake county, durham public schools, chapel hill, carrboro closed. barbara: closed orange chatham edge goal franklin granville. mecklinburg, person, vance, warren and now wilson county schools are all closed today. they were on a delay and they are closed now. john: here are those on a two-hour delay. chatham.
6:31 am
hoke, johnston, lee, moore, robinson and wayne county. ignore the wilson county. they move to closed. there is a list at with a link on the home page. barbara: we will get to "big weather" with weather and accidents. don: is chapter close? they were on the two-hour but it is closed. john: chatham is closed. don: although there and south and west we are not seeing as much in the way of live look at first alert doppler xp and we will talk about what we have right now. basically the boundaries for this moisture where it is running into cold air and we are seeing the precipitation is right through our area. back to the south and west it is a little spotty and hit-or-miss. that doesn't mean it is less dangerous but there's not as much. if you see the pockets they are falling on to a cold frowned and we were in the 20's -- cold contact. north from roanoke rapids to
6:32 am
into granville and vance counties here and back into person county the blue areas are heavier bursts of snowflakes. that is the northern counties. down into the triangle part of wake county is not seeing precipitation. most of the heaviest precipitation is in the northern part of wake county. a little freezing rain south. purple and pink is freezing rain or sleet. just before the surface it is warm so it is rain with a mix to the ground and freezes on contact just before it hits. south here is favorite not much going on at the moment. up to the north and east due to the heavier pockets of showers pushing north and east. we will talk more about what is out there in a bit but now we go to weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: very busy monday morning. again if you can stay in please do so. we have numerous accidents due to icy conditions. we will show you a few because there are too many to get
6:33 am
440 westbound at 1uu.s. 1 a spinout and police and emergency crews there. that is crossroads. that is a slick spot. 495 and 440 we have been showing you these images of 495 all morning. these bridges and overpasses are the areas that freeze first and this is definitely what we are seeing here this morning. this is 495 at 440 and 495 shut down at neuse river bridge due to numerous accidents and icy conditions. we have been showing you the image of wade over and 440 westbound. that is also an icy spot shut town and this is the delay atlas terror mill. mill. that has been an icy commute. you can see that car spun in the ice. you get the idea.
6:34 am
business a report of a jackknifed jackknifed trailer. all the pink is ice and 40 westbound and cary town boulevard and n.c. 54 and chapel hill road accidents reported there. john: some updates on school closings and delays to pass along. harnett, wilson and chatham county schools now closed. then delayed earlier, all closed. while some of you are waiting on the snow it is on the ground in roxboro. barbara: person county one of two under a winter storm warning. breaking news one on the roads in roxboro for us where nearly two inches of snow fell before tapering off around midnight. this is live this morning and they expect more wintry weather in the area. that is where person county schools are closed today. john: let's go back to the triangle and the largest county, wake county. barbara: wake county public schools closed meaning no school buses out which is good because
6:35 am
gloria rodriguez is live in breaking news one. what are you seeing? gloria: organicgood morning. we are hearing of multiple accidents and we have seen some of them. you want to be careful. live look on the dash cam this is 495 near south of new hope road. this portion is closed. 495 and south new hope road. look at our roof camera and this is 495 heading westbound backup because of the closure. if you are driving on 495 near south new hope road you want to take the exit prior or after because you are being diverted around this area. i talked to raleigh police a little bit ago and they are estimating they have responded to 20 to 25 accidents this morning along. the good thing here is none of them is serious, there are no fatalities reported. however police are saying right
6:36 am
it is slippery out there and we have come across some icy slippery spots ourselves so you want to be very careful. raleigh police say if you can, stay at home. if you don't need to go into work it is best to stay at home. raleigh police also saying stay off the beltline pause many of the accidents are -- because many of the accidents are on the beltline. one officer cried 495 as a sheet of office so we have seen freezing rain and sleet and numerous accidents as a result of this. so, try to drive slowly out there. back to you in the studio. barbara: from wake we go to durham county. john: let's check in with anthony wilson who is in breaking news one in durham county heading to the east. anthony?
6:37 am
is happening here. we saw not just one but two spinouts here and there is a cab going way too fast for conditions because even though the pavement is wet we have learned, some the hard way -- what looks like a wet pavement could be icy. lots of accidents in wake county. people are chuting, most -- commuting, most of them driving with caution. others like the red cab not so much. there s these are the reasons why you should take it easy if you have to drive and be somewhere, some folks ask, if you can wait until you can see things you might be better off. off. not sure why. maybe they want you to give them lots of room. we have seen and heard about the reasons why someone would have flashers on to keepcars from getting too close. if you hit a slick spot it may
6:38 am
we will show you conditions in the western part of wake where you have been hearing lots of accidents. we may be going back and forth between wake and durham. if you don't have to drive, wait when it is safer. we are live on i-40 going east toward raleigh. anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: our southern counties so far so good. we have seen it much worse. we will check in with fayetteville. barbara: nicole carr is out there for us live -- are you getting anything, nicole? nicole: all morning long i have been saying we are fine and we have had spurts of rain here. but then i almost fell and busted my little behind on the sidewalk on hay street. so, anything that has fallen is frozen. this is all icy on the sidewalk here. i take that back. be careful. i would imagine that is what
6:39 am
we had a lot of action, not a ton of precipitation but somewhat has fallen is icy. so, be careful when you head out and don't take that for granted. you mentioned this morning we are out for presidents day, schools are out so it is just a teacher workday so you don't have to worry about the kids and buses. it looks like our heavy rain will come down during the late morning hours. so, after 11:00 and through the afternoon we will look for that and keep an eye on that. but be careful crossing bridges and overpasses and the sidewalks as i just learned. i'm going to head back inside. that what we have in cumberland county. john: don't fall. too many cameras around. you don't want to do that. thank you very much. 6:41 and our coverage of the winter storm continues on "eyewitness news." barbara: coming up we will check the conditions at the airport and talk with officials from the d.o.t. about the weather and what they are doing to prepare
6:40 am
and donovan is tracking -- don is tracking the storage. don: temperatures is dropped another degree or two so be ready for cold air. we will talk about that and we have dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. don: weather and traffic together. we are seeing mixed precipitation and this is just showing pockets down through the sand hills. nicole carr was a perfect example of what is going on. just spits of rain and light rain but the ground is cold enough that anything is falling freezes. we will zoom around the area and go to the south where we have pockets of rain and freezing rain in sampson and portions cumberland county and radar updating that path. down national triangle any precipitation in wake county southeastern wake county or northwestern.
6:43 am
sleet and around the virginia border we have possibles of blew which is are snow mixing with sleet and freezing rain. i-85 is a mess this morning. numbers from across the area 21 right now roxboro, 28 fayetteville. 26 sanford. 27 smithfield. 25 wilson and 23 roanoke rapids. the forecast the next 12 hours we have cloudy skies and wintry mix, 23. by lunchtime a wintry mix from the triangle north. sand hills by lunch you should have all rain. late day it switches to all rain for most of us except the northern counties. there you will still see mixed precipitation through the evening. we will talk about that and seven-day forecast but now we have weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: looking forward to the warm-up after the wintry mix. we have school cancellations, delays and the fact that in is
6:44 am
that would keep the volume down to a minimum but we have dozens alone. icy conditions all around. this is the crossroads area and # 40 are around u.s. 1. we have seen accidents here and icy conditions. they are working to try to get some sand and other stuff down on those roads but it is pretty tricky when you have these conditions where there is a be careful. it is a science to treat the roads and this morning the bridges and overpasses have been the trouble spots. this is 495 at 440 which is shut down due to icy conditions and again one of those bridges and overpass areas that are trouble spots this morning. so keep that in mind. that is shut down 495 and 440 due to icy conditions. we can show you the mapping system other issues. there's a lot of accidents around the area. that is why emergency crews are asking you to stay in. they also need to respond and
6:45 am
u.s. 64 and 264 westbound at accident there. >> all that pink is ice. 40 westbound cary towne boulevard a report of accident off to the side and n.c. 54 chapel hill road and this one 440 westbound at n.c. 54 hillsborough street an accident. this issue at wade and 440 just cleared and they are working to treat that overpass. if you can. back to you. john: 6:46 and 24 degrees. you are watching team coverage of the winter storm. barbara: live pictures from roxboro. that is why person county schools are closed. you see that on the wind shield and ground.
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news". barbara: welcome back to winter storm coverage. 6:49. john: we have a lot to talk about. don: it is a mess out there. we will talk more about where all the precipitation is in a moment. we will talk about warnings. they were update and winter storm warning in effect for roxboro, person and orange county, alamance running until 7:00 tomorrow morning because it may take a while to amendment precipitation up there. we will zoom out to the northern half under a winter weather
6:49 am
i do not we will see frozen precipitation but it will take until then to knock it down in some areas. in the southern areas you are under a winter weather advisory through 1:00. you will see a little more warm air working in first. we look at radar and this is the latest live radar image. you see pockets of precipitation working through. freezing rain to the south and sleet through durham county. i just poked my head out and we have freezing rain mixing with sleet in downtown durham and then to the north mainly snow. downtown raleigh mainly rain raindrops but the temperature is 23. dew point 18. 85% humidity. east wind eight miles an hour. from across the region everybody in the 20's at the surface. 28 in fayetteville. 24 siler city. 23 roxboro. 23 oxford and 27 in smithfield. satellite and radar composite,
6:50 am
not feeling in all the cloud cover but in south carolina we are pulling it up and once it hits us it turns to precipitation and lifts to the north. we will stay here through the morning hours into the early afternoon. i have had several people online ask what is the difference between freezing rain and sleet. this is what is happening now. this is the surface of -- there is the grounds. between the ground and just above the ground we are below 32. you saw the temperatures 23. but not far above in some places 20 to 30 feet you are above freezing so you have raindrops that hit the frozen ground and freeze. that is freezing rain. sleet the layer near the surface is thicker. you still have warm air above and raindrops falling and hit the frozen air and freeze. difference between freezing rain and sleet you can hear the sleet
6:51 am
freezing rain is just raindrops that freeze on contact. we have a little bit of everything. by 8:00 spotty precipitation around, mainly frozen. by 2:00 this afternoon we are seeing a changeover in the sand hills all rain and more green on the map. it won't snow or sleet all day, it could any time. through the evening it changes by 9:00 to all rain across most of the region. tomorrow morning 6:00 this is the main line of showers, all rain. i think tomorrow morning's commute will be a pain not just of anything frozen but heavy rainfall. when it pulls out by the afternoon you may see sunshine. how much precipitation? up to the north you could see one to three inches of snow, sleet, mixing. the more sleet you mix in the lesser snowfall in roxboro. less than an inch of frozen precipitation in wake county. you get the wintry mix of
6:52 am
down south you have been freezing rain later today and will change to all rain. we have the frontal boundary pushing the warmer air up into us to allow temperatures to go up through the day. in raleigh this morning expect a wintry mix off and on through. by lunchtime 30 degrees. this afternoon we have enough warm air that it will be just rain and winds will kick up as temperatures climb. across the region wintry mix around siler city to smithfield. smithfield may make 40 this afternoon. fayetteville a shot at lower 40's. northern counties more snow changing to wintry mix through the afternoon with temperatures in the 30's. tonight instead of temperatures going down they go up. we will go in the 40's. 24eu raleigh. 41 fayetteville. 40 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing
6:53 am
the upper 50's. some places will be 60 in the sand hills tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, friday high pressure will dry outs and keep us in the 50's. saturday and sunday into the mid 60's under partly sunny skies. john: that will be welcome. don: today the coldest of the next seven. amber: very busy with icy conditions. we will show you some of the d.o.t. cameras. we begin with this one. this sis 440 and u.s. 1 and 440 at sunny sunny brook. that is 440 westbound. raleigh police are saying the beltline is a sheet of ice so stay off the beltline is what they are saying. we can show you another camera at u.s. 1 at 440 and u.s. 1. icy conditions there and cars spinning out. 495 and south new hope road a closure and delays westbound on
6:54 am
of ice. this is how it looks on our mapping system. a lot of pink. that is where you are dealing with ice so it is dicey this morning and watch for this u.s. 64 and 264 at u.s. 64 business a jackknifed trailer. live coverage. we just received word halifax county schools closed. john: we will show you live pictures outside.
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doze o john: we are coming back after the break for more live team
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